The Rules of the Mind, Power and Influence

Our Concrete Mind works with a set of rules. There are three that are quite important and have a direct power over the personal reality we experience.

Rule No. 1: the mind obeys images and words, whether they are assimilated from the outside or created within us. Our internal dialogue, and the images that arise in our imagination and to which we pay attention, translate into messages that we continuously transmit to our brain. This applies to what we do consciously and unconsciously.

Also, how much we validate and/or fear what we see and hear determines how much impact and influence they have on our mind. That to us becomes the truth. By doing this, we are giving an indication to the mind that we believe it, we are telling it: register.

This video (in Portuguese) is an excerpt of a session with a client and respects privacy policy by omitting personal contexts. If it makes sense to you, adapt it to your reality.

The information the mind receives is all the more incisive and impactful the greater the associated emotional charge, whether negative or positive. States of mind, for example, are both the cause and effect of the images and internal dialogue we generate.

Rule #2: The mind always responds to what it thinks is best for us. Yeah, it's our friend. But where does it get the information to know what is best for us? Of course, from what it receives as information from us, through the images and words that we nourish it with. As we know, they are not always the most aligned and inspiring....

Rule #3: The mind is always trying to move us away from pain and toward pleasure. Again, it judges what is pain or pleasure for us according to the images and words that we inform it with.

Concrete Mind works by polarities: pain/pleasure, good/bad, etc. and has no judgment associated with it. So, if for example, for you, going to that job brings you pain and is a setback, for it 'pleasure' is not going, and then it tries to make it so, in the most efficient and handy way.

Our life conditions, in the personal sphere, are always co-created by us, without exception. In this case the mind can, for example, create an illness, a conflict, an accident, an unforeseen event, a delay, to try to avoid what it understands to be the worst for you, according to the vibration of 'setback' and 'pain' it has received from your thoughts and emotions (reinforced words and images).

This does not happen because the mind wants us to be bad, but because its rules of operation dictate it, and they are wise. For the Human Being it is terrible to accept living what does not correspond to him, at a deep level. I'm not talking about the exclusive preferences of the Ego, but of what may not be at all aligned with our Soul in the present moment. When this is the case, the faithful mirror of reality tells us that there is something to change in us and in our life.

We can then easily extrapolate this to N circumstances and areas of life, whether in ourselves or in others, and understand how it is that so often the mind, our friend, sends us signals that somewhere there is an internal contradiction...

Where is our conscious freedom in this? Precisely, it lies in selecting with criterion which words and images we pay attention to and which choices dwell within us, creating the famous Mind-Heart Coherence.

Everything becomes clearer with the development of examples... (see video above)


  1. The mind feeds on images and words and as such on the ideas, 'movies' and emotions we accept or generate, consciously or not;
  2. The mind always wants the best for us and will find a way, within its power, to co-create what it considers to be the most faithful reality to what we choose, according to the information we provide it with.
  3. The mind strives to move us away from pain and towards pleasure, based on the images and words that inhabit us, and in particular our emotional signal associated with them.

Now, we are talking about Concrete Mind Rules - conscious, subconscious and unconscious - which is especially connected to the structure of the Ego and its Belief System. There is much more to know about how the mind reacts, for example, to intentions and choices that are even aligned and excellent for us, but to which the Ego offers resistance...

Be aware that the automatic functioning of the mind does not have, immediately, the same evolutionary degree that we can have, because one thing is the Concrete Mind and another is the Superior or expanded Consciousness. Both inhabit us, however. How does this happen? What consequences does it have? How to change and/or deal with these dynamics? (see video above)

Knowing the Rules of the Concrete Mind helps us to guide the power and influence it has over us and our lives.

It is a case of saying: it is better to know, choose, and do!

   A hug from the soul,


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Here is a little bit about me. My professional name is Anamar. In 'another life', decades ago, I was famous in the fields of Music and Performing Arts. At the same time I was investing in training in other areas that fascinated me from an early age: I wanted to know what is really a Human Being and how does Life work. Above all, and since I was a child, I wanted to 'help change the World', as I often said.

I started giving Astrology, Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Evolution consultations in 1994. Afterwards, I added other skills in the field of the so-called New Science connected to the Mind, as well as in Practical Spirituality.

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I am also passionate about the sea, with a Sailing Licence and everything! Deeply independent, I like to love endlessly and to open my heart to life. Faith has always accompanied me, even when I didn't know how to recognise it. Learning to use my inner power was one of my great challenges and a wonderful discovery. I'm passionate about a lot, and about what I do in particular.

I call my work ANAMARNAVA. It is a method of synthesis of everything I have learned and experienced. It proposes a solid and harmonious path of conscious evolution at the service of your self-realization, and an art of living with soul and purpose focused on creating real life results .

Free spirituality has given meaning to my life and I have fully embraced an identity more in alignment with the Source that animates me. Today I try to honour humandignity and divinehumility within myself. I have a strong personality and I am a bridge builder, especially between the Ego and the Soul. Two mottos accompany me: Live to Be and Walk the talk.

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