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We will not create a new reality if we do not embody a new Identity, and that will empower us.

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Here is a little bit about me. My professional name is Anamar. In 'another life', decades ago, I was famous in the fields of Music and Performing Arts. At the same time I was investing in training in other areas that fascinated me from an early age: I wanted to know what is really a Human Being and how does Life work. Above all, and since I was a child, I wanted to 'help change the World', as I often said.

I started giving Astrology, Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Evolution consultations in 1994. Afterwards, I added other skills in the field of the so-called New Science connected to the Mind, as well as in Practical Spirituality.

I have long been a consultant, therapist, mentor and trainer or, as I prefer to say, a catalyst of evolutionary change in people and their projects.

I am also passionate about the sea, with a Sailing Licence and everything! Deeply independent, I like to love endlessly and to open my heart to life. Faith has always accompanied me, even when I didn't know how to recognise it. Learning to use my inner power was one of my great challenges and a wonderful discovery. I'm passionate about a lot, and about what I do in particular.

I call my work ANAMARNAVA. It is a method of synthesis of everything I have learned and experienced. It proposes a solid and harmonious path of conscious evolution at the service of your self-realization, and an art of living with soul and purpose focused on creating real life results .

Free spirituality has given meaning to my life and I have fully embraced an identity more in alignment with the Source that animates me. Today I try to honour humandignity and divinehumility within myself. I have a strong personality and I am a bridge builder, especially between the Ego and the Soul. Two mottos accompany me: Live to Be and Walk the talk.

I provide one-to-one sessions and in-person and online training such as courses, seminars and workshops. I am also a speaker and creator of physical and virtual content such as books and video programmes. If you want to know more click here.



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