Emotion, Mind and Feeling

Between the instincts and the mind, emotions are created. Emotion is putting energy in motion: e-movere, e/in-motion.

Let's say that our Body, the living material reality, includes what is called the Physical Etheric Body, its field of energy and vitality. These include a set of basic instincts, which are also anchored in the brain: the instinct of survival, procreation and inclusion/belonging. I elect these as the three core ones as they are the guarantor of our connection to earthly experience. This is the 'earth package'.

Then there is the Astral Body, the Lower and Upper Mental, the Buddhic, the Atmic, and so on. From where does the Emotional plane, also called Astral Body, arise? It arises from the interception between the mind and the instincts, between the Lower Mental and Etheric Body and the Physical, between the Fourth and the Third Dimension.

This video (in Portuguese) is an excerpt of a session with a client and respects privacy policy by omitting personal contexts. If it makes sense to you, adapt it to your reality.

An emotion is what stems from a thought, even if not conscious, and the instinctive drive that obeys that perception, belief or idea.

It turns out that we are not born taught to have an ability to self-manage our emotions and our mind, by default we mostly function on autopilot.

When we begin to make a process of Conscious Evolution, we come to have like a degree of consciousness 'outside of us', a wise observer. This is our Higher Consciousness looking at the experience that the Ego - the instincts, the Emotional and the Lower Mental plane - is experiencing. This dimension of consciousness is outside of the egoic automatisms and therefore can manage, inspire and guide everything that is going on at the existential level.

We don't have to be hostages to the reactions of the mind, such as when obsessive thoughts arise, or to the emotions when they enter a state of stress, or to a body that doesn't sleep. We are more than we think and we can do more than we feel. We can manage, balance and enhance what moves and inhabits us. We can harmonise and mature the Emotional plane through the wisdom of Consciousness, which disciplines the Mental plane.

How do you stop the reaction? How do you choose better? How do you do it all? (see more in the video above)

Now, emotions are one thing, feelings are another. Emotions surface or erupt and take us over, without it being our choice. It is good that they do, they signal to us how more or less aligned we are with our Personality and Soul Matrix. However, once they make themselves felt, we are in charge of them, we direct the energy they move.

Feelings, on the other hand, come from a conscious choice of what we choose to feel, they are the most visible expression of cardiac intelligence, so to speak. Feelings arise from the bridge between a mental choice and what the heart reveals to us of best. They are powerful vibrations resulting from our Higher Wisdom and the so-called Coherence between Mind and Heart.

You will have had experiences where, in the middle of a conflict, all you have to do is understand the other person's place for the energy to change and other realities to manifest. This is a choice of emotion management through Higher Consciousness, which makes way for a feeling in the heart (neutral and loving understanding, for example), bringing a different vibration to the occasion. It is worth remembering that we can do this with ourselves too!

Therefore, disciplining our Lower Mind is good, as the Ego goes in for the kill if the throne of our Identity is only in its hands.

This so-called Ego is essential and it is good to have it as an accomplice, but not as the owner.

We are more than we think and we can do more than we feel. We can manage, balance and enhance what moves and inhabits us. We can harmonise and mature the Emotional plane through the wisdom of Consciousness, which disciplines the Mental plane.


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Here is a little bit about me. My professional name is Anamar. In 'another life', decades ago, I was famous in the fields of Music and Performing Arts. At the same time I was investing in training in other areas that fascinated me from an early age: I wanted to know what is really a Human Being and how does Life work. Above all, and since I was a child, I wanted to 'help change the World', as I often said.

I started giving Astrology, Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Evolution consultations in 1994. Afterwards, I added other skills in the field of the so-called New Science connected to the Mind, as well as in Practical Spirituality.

I have long been a consultant, therapist, mentor and trainer or, as I prefer to say, a catalyst of evolutionary change in people and their projects.

I am also passionate about the sea, with a Sailing Licence and everything! Deeply independent, I like to love endlessly and to open my heart to life. Faith has always accompanied me, even when I didn't know how to recognise it. Learning to use my inner power was one of my great challenges and a wonderful discovery. I'm passionate about a lot, and about what I do in particular.

I call my work ANAMARNAVA. It is a method of synthesis of everything I have learned and experienced. It proposes a solid and harmonious path of conscious evolution at the service of your self-realization, and an art of living with soul and purpose focused on creating real life results .

Free spirituality has given meaning to my life and I have fully embraced an identity more in alignment with the Source that animates me. Today I try to honour humandignity and divinehumility within myself. I have a strong personality and I am a bridge builder, especially between the Ego and the Soul. Two mottos accompany me: Live to Be and Walk the talk.

I give one-to-one sessions and do live and online training such as courses, seminars and workshops. I am also a speaker and creator of physical and virtual content such as books and audiovisual programmes. If you want to know more click here.

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There is a bridge between the cutting edge of science and practical spirituality, between mind and heart, and between ego and soul.

Not only do we want to be happier and give our best to our significant others and to the world, we also want better results and a meaningful life.

For this to happen it is good to know who we are, where do we come from, where are we going, and how to consciously create a fulfilling reality here and now.

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